Wontag was inspired by Venice,the Italian coastal town from which we borrow a warm spirit and a minimalist mindset.

We create watches,always driven by our guiding
principle: Good design for better living. The key, as we see it, is simplicity—capturing only
what’s truly essential in an uncomplicated, great-looking way.



We are intensely passionate about design. Chalk it up to our Italian roots, which also
shape our aesthetic: clean, uncluttered and streamlined. Our less-is-more approach means
we’re more likely to edit than we are to embellish. But we don’t see it as taking away—more
like addition by subtraction. Our understated products look right any time of day, anywhere
in the world, now or 10 years from now. Simplicity isn’t just beautiful. It’s versatile.



Good design is about more than looks—it’s also about how well something complements your
life. But to us, form and function aren’t mutually exclusive. We believe they’re inherently
linked. A cleaner watch dial is one you can read at a glance. Slimmer cases mean less bulk to
weigh you down or catch on your sleeve. In everything we create, our goal is the same: to make life simpler
—better—through purposeful design.

Founded in 2017